Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Payroll RTI Reporting – The Next Stage

Payroll RTI Reporting – The Next Stage

Following on from our December article you should now be giving thought to the next steps of RTI.

Submitting your Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)

The EAS is a one-off submission and the first submission that you will make under RTI.  It provides HMRC with a snapshot of your data and a benchmark of who is or has been employed by you in the current year.

When to Submit the EAS

You should submit your EAS any time after 6 April 2013 but before you process your first payroll of the year.  This is because the EAS must be the first submission you make under RTI.

What you need to do before submitting

  • Check and cleanse your data as described in our blog of 12th December 2012.
  • Enter any new starters
  • Include the details of any part time or casual workers who used to be covered by completion of forms P38A and P38S
If you have any questions please speak to Richard Shaw for more information on 01623 645705.

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