Friday, 31 May 2013

Solar Power Update

On July 1st the top up tariff, which changes quarterly, is due to fall to 14.9p per kWh of electricity generated.  When the scheme was first introduced several years ago it generated 43p per kWh.  If you are considering installing solar panels you need to consider the time needed to recoup the up front costs and the yearly maintenance costs you also need to consider if the value of your property will be adversely effected by the view of the panels on the roof? 
For further information please call Ray Callingham on 01623 645705.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tax/Deadline dates for June/July 2013

·         27 May 2013 – Spring bank holiday throughout the United Kingdom.
·         31 May 2013 – Employees to be given forms P60 for 2012/13 by today.
·         31 May 2013 - Private companies with a year end of 31
August 2012 and public companies with a year end of 30 November 2012, should file their accounts at Companies House by today.
·         1 June 2013 - Due date for corporation tax due for the year ended 31 July August 2012 (but the actual last day for payment was Friday 31 May, expect where payment is made by internet or telephone banking).
·         1 June 2013 – Quarterly review of ‘advisory fuel rates’ (used where an employer pays a mileage allowance for business journeys in a company car).
·         7 June 2013 – VAT returns for the quarter (or month) ended 31 April 2013 should be filed online by today. The relevant tax should be paid electronically so as to reach HMRC by today.
·         9 June 2013 – Absolute deadline for farmers to submit Single Payment claims for 2013.
·         19 June 2013 – Where an employer/contractor makes his PAYE/CIS remittance for the month ending 5 June 2013 by post, the cheque should reach HMRC’s accounts office by today.
·         19 June 2013 – A contractor’s CIS300 monthly return must reach HMRC by today, whether filed online or on paper.
·         21 June 2013 – Intrastat Supplementary Declarations for May to be made by today.
·         22 June 2013 – PAYE/CIS remittance for the month ending 5 June 2013 paid by electronic transfer should reach HMRC’s account as cleared funds no later than today.
·         30 June 2013 – CTSA Returns for accounting periods ended 30 June 2012 should reach HMRC by today.
·         30 June 2013 – Private companies with 30 September 2012 year ends and public companies with 31 December 2012 year ends should file their accounts at Companies House by today.
·         1 July 2013 – Croatia to become a member of the European Union (providing all existing Member States have ratified the Treaty of Accession by then).