Monday, 22 July 2013

Tax/Deadline dates for July/August 2013

·         31 July 2013 – Second payment on account for 2012/13 due by today. All tax credit claims should be renewed by today.
·         31 July 2013 – CTSA returns for accounting periods ended 31 July 2012 should reach HMRC by today. Private companies with 31 October 2012 year-ends, and public companies with 31 January 2013 year-ends should file their accounts at Companies House by today.
·         1 August 2013 - Due date for corporation tax due for the year ended 31 October 2012 .
·         2 August 2013 – Second 5 per cent surcharge imposed on 2011/12 income tax, Class 4 National Insurance contributions and capital gains tax not paid by today.
·         2 August 2013 – Form P46 (car) for the quarter to 5 July 2013 should reach HMRC by today.
·         5 August 2013 – Statutory bank holiday in Scotland but in practice banks will be open for business as usual. Companies House Edinburgh office will be open.
·         7 August 2013 – VAT returns for the quarter (or month) ended 30 June 2013 should be filed online by today. The relevant tax should be paid electronically so as to reach HMRC by today.
·         14 August 2013 – If submitted on paper, EC Sales List for July 2013 should reach HMRC by today.
·         18 August 2013 -  5 per cent penalty charged if Class 1A National Insurance contributions for 2012/13 not paid by today.
·         19 August 2013 – Where an employer/contractor makes his PAYE/CIS remittance for the month ending 5 August 2013 by post, the cheque should reach HMRC’s accounts office by today.
·         19 August 2013 – A contractor’s CIS300 monthly return must reach HMRC by today, whether filed online or on paper.
·         22 August 2013 – PAYE/CIS remittance for the month ending 5 August 2013 paid by electronic transfer should reach HMRC’s account as cleared funds no later than today.

Wills and assets

Do you know what happens to your assets when you die?

Recent research indicates over half of the adult population in the UK are currently without a will.  Of those that have, more than a third of the wills’ fail to fulfill the intention of the testator (one who makes the will).  We are legally unable to offer wills or probate service through our firm.  However we can offer advice on your will, how to save inheritance tax and assist those responsible for dealing with the affairs of the deceased to obtain probate and prepare estate accounts.

For further help or information please contact Mr Ray Callingham on 01623 645705